Our Vision, Our Mission & Our Values

The healthcare system is undoubtedly a maze, difficult to navigate through. Yet it is an essential part of society, and for that we are here to support all those in need. With an emphasis in the Chinese community, our society endeavours to optimise health and wellbeing, to improve the quality of life.

Composed of professional medical practitioners of Chinese heritage, our organisation’s work is lead by our values of SHARE. We understand the importance to:

  • STRIVE for the best results
  • Have HONOUR in delivering and promoting relevant education, communication and collaboration
  • APPRECIATE what we do and the people we do it for
  • RESPECT everyone, regardless of differences
  • Have EXPERTISE in our area, maintaining professionalism and excellence within our work

What Are Our Strategies?

As a non-profit organisation, we have established the following strategies to form an accessible and reliable platform, whereupon our progressive future lies.

  1. Health Education Workshops: these workshops will inform community members on health risks, preventative methods and facilitate access to local health services.
  2. Collaboration between Medical Societies of Australia and China: the continuous exchange of professional expertise, resources, passion will be carried through networking events, empowering all those involved.
  3. Collaboration between Medical Bodies and the Government: promote the vitality of bilateral training, education and networking in the current healthcare climate.
  4. Investment: initiate and maintain affiliation with Chinese stakeholders to support the inevitable growth of health services in China
  5. Advocate & Participate: progress beyond standard medical service delivery, taking the step further to actively support health programs, policies and projects pertinent to the community
  6. Balance: ensure all members of the society have optimal work-life balance through organised activities
  7. Accreditation from the Australian Medical Council: to campaign and guide overseas medical graduates in pursuing accreditation from the Council, as well as the assessment of clinical placements in Australia
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